Over 1200 Active Users Later, Mealoop Partners with Quick Delivery

Press Release:May 3, 2017 – After two months of operation resulting in hundreds of satisfied cravings serving over 1,200 active users, Mealoop – the mobile food ordering and delivery application – has joined hands with an equally formidable force in Saint Lucia’ business development and customer relations landscape.

Effective May 1, Mealoop and Quick Delivery Services have agreed to merge its delivery and order taking service, bringing seamless connectivity to customers and their cravings.

Recognizing the non-competing but clearly overlapping platforms, the principals of the two young and vibrant organizations have agreed that the benefits of partnership far outweighed those of competition for both business and customer experience.

With its reliable fleet of transportation and trained team, Quick Delivery has integrated seamlessly into the technological advances of offered by Mealoop. Each Quick Delivery Driver is now registered with the Mealoop Driver application and are now available for seamless connectivity to all subscribing restaurants utilizing the order taking service. Since its partnership, customers have taken advantage of guaranteed delivery within a 30-minute window from pickup to consumption.

Operations Manager for Quick Delivery Rizaria Weekes says the partnership was a “match made in heaven” and one that clearly puts the consuming public first.

“We are very excited about this and we know existing Mealoop customers have been experiencing greater levels of efficiency and the restaurants too have all given great feedback,” Weekes said.

Mealoop is a mobile application for food lovers reviewed in Business Focus Saint Lucia and Caribbean360 as one of the trendiest advancements in Caribbean technology – developed by Caribbean nationals.

The app looks to bring locals and tourists to the island closer to their favorite meals or cravings by the simple touch of a button. With this connection, full restaurant menus and meal compilations are available for customers to find either through traditional browsing or instant refining search by food item or ingredient.

“We have really come a long way since our launch in February. We have updated the app at least two times and have listened to both restaurant managers and customers. Today we have an even better product on hand – made even stronger with the partnership of Quick Delivery,” said Theresa Elibox, in charge of social media management and communications for Mealoop.

Elibox also disclosed the recent expansion of the Mealoop app to neighbouring Trinidad and Tobago, where it is also making considerable strides in introducing technology to food in the twin island state.

“We are very happy with where we are and happier about where we are heading. We are trying not to over-emphasize our reach but simply to allow the product to promote itself and let our customers and partners lead the way in building public awareness and a reliable foundation,” Elibox said.

Mealoop has also secured the media partnership of The Wave 94.5FM which has lead the charge in keeping the topic trending on the local airwaves. Soon, the two entities will look to take their partnership further with an amplified meal campaign for which more information will be shared.

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  1. Anonymous
    May 8, 2017 at 11:41 am

    the loop itself tells me that i dont want to eat their food. sorry pal!

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