Saint Lucians encouraged to donate blood

St Jude will host a blood drive on Friday, at the Get Well Medical Center in Vieux-Fort.

Residents of Vieux Fort and environs are being encouraged to help save a life by making a blood donation.

St Jude Hospital, the main healthcare provider in the south of the island, is hosting a blood donation drive on Friday, May 12, to help replenish limited supplies.

Blood donations are critically important to St Jude Hospital as there is a constant need for lifesaving blood. It also helps to ensure that the hospital maintains a healthy and adequate stock of blood.

St Jude Hospital is encouraging members of the public to come out in large numbers. Anyone 17 years old and above can donate blood. Healthcare professionals will be available to provide counseling and ensure that donors are healthy enough to make donations.

Experts advise that repeated blood donations can lead to a longer life by helping to improve the flow of blood in the body and balance iron levels in the blood. All donors will receive a free malt at the end of their donation to help replenish their blood volume.

The event will take place at the Get Well Medical Center in Vieux-Fort, located next to the Vieux Fort bus stand, between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.