EAP hosts workshop series

The workshops for government employees focus on the promotion of good health practices.
The Department of the Public Service is pleased to announce that the Employee Assistance Program will host a series of workshops for government workers focused on the promotion of good health practices.

The presentation topics range from nutrition and herbs, unforgiveness and resentment, pilates and entertainment, with presentations by Dr Almus McDowell, Dr Gilbertha St. Rose, Nikita Martial, Carlton (Coaks) Cyril, Pastor Daniel Dada, and Reverend Sherwin Griffith.

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a work based intervention program designed to enhance the professional attitude of government employees and provide assistance to those persons who are experiencing professional and personal problems, which adversely affect their quality of life and job performance. The EAP provides six free counselling sessions to government employees and their immediate family members on career counselling, job related issues, emotional difficulty, abuse, alcohol or chemical dependency, health challenges, dependent care, financial issues, domestic violence, marital conflict, grief, medical stress, anxiety and depression.

The workshops will be held from May 15 – 25.