WannyCry Cyber Attack and RansomWare Outbreak

The ICT Association of Saint Lucia (​SLICTA​), as part of its Public Outreach, wishes to warn the public of the recent threat posed by the WannyCry computer worm that affects computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system. This cyber attack has affected many countries around the world, impacted hundreds of thousands of computers, and has caused significant disruption and lost productivity.

The files on affected computers are rendered inaccessible, with the user forced to pay money as a ransom to regain access to their files (hence the term ransomware).

SLICTA​ advises the public to take adequate precaution by following some simple steps:
1) Ensure that you make regular backups of your data.
2) Be on the lookout for the arrival of unexpected email messages.
3) Exercise caution and be skeptical of requests to follow instructions arriving in messages that ask you to take actions such as clicking on a link, updating address, account records or passwords.
4) Verify any links before you click on them: by examining them closely to ensure their validity.
5) In case of doubt, you should contact your system administrator, or the email originator.
6) Additionally, ensure that you regularly apply the available security patches to update your computer system.

Please exercise vigilance. ​SLICTA​ further advises that assistance may be obtained by contacting a competent IT professional, especially one who is affiliated with the ICT Association of Saint Lucia.