Events Saint Lucia tasked with international promotions

The company has the responsibility to efficiently market Saint Lucia’s events.

The Minister for Local Government and Culture spoke recently of the role of Events Saint Lucia Incorporated in marketing the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival.

Hon. Fortuna Belrose said the company was devised to package and sell all Saint Lucian events internationally.

“Our government believes in continuing good work, and over the years some work has been done in terms of considering the feasibility of having an events company to take on the responsibility of packaging all of Saint Lucia’s major events to ensure efficiency, and to ensure that we are able to deliver Saint Lucia to the rest of the world in a more organized way,” she said.

The minister added that the concept of Soleil, the Saint Lucia Summer Festival, is one which exhibits the true essence of Saint Lucian culture.

“Our culture of course, is everything we do—the way we eat, the things we do, our lifestyles, the way we respond to various situations—and with Soleil, what we are trying to do is rebrand jazz in addition to a number of other events to showcase Saint Lucia to the rest of the world as a destination where they could experience what our culture is really like.

“For us the targets were simple: ensure that we deliver a quality product because it is the first one, ensure that the production team is Saint Lucian and that the entire production of the event is being handled by Saint Lucians, and we are very pleased with what we have seen.”

The minister said new dimensions and improvements will be added to the summer festival as the months progress.

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  1. Terence Joseph
    May 20, 2017 at 12:19 pm

    Bravo new ideas new mindset, may God bless your works.

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