Belle Vue Combined hosts leadership workshop

The activity was held to educate students on the importance of volunteering and leadership.

The Belle Vue Combined School in collaboration with the Social Transformation Officer for Vieux-Fort North, the Belle Vue Development Committee, and the National Students Council, hosted a Student Leadership Workshop earlier this week.

The activity was held to educate students on the importance of becoming volunteers. Volunteering allows students to participate in activities that provide them with avenues to develop their leadership potential, and should be essential in the education of children if they are to become responsible and productive citizens.

During the leadership workshop, 31 students were exposed to interactive presentations on the topics: Groups and Leaders, Team Building, Making Your Voices Count, and Respect: Gaining and Maintaining, delivered by facilitators Ajani Labourne, Anita Jeffery, Kendall Elva, Naomi Saltibus, Keyanna Marcellin and Sophie Klein. It is hoped that via this initiative, students will serve as leaders in various groups within the school environment.

The Student Leadership Workshop was held on May 20, at the Belle Vue Combined School.