Castries Mayor denounces city violence

Castries Mayor Peterson Francis has denounced the current upsurge in violence in the city and vowed to do all within the power of the CCC to make the city a safer place.

The violence has left at least one young man dead and a number of others injured, in what is reported to be an ongoing war among rival gangs in the Marchand community.

Residents say they are concerned for their safety.

Mayor Francis is hoping to have more law enforcement officers on the ground soon, with the recruitment of a new batch of city police officers.

“Our present city police are on training. We have already interviewed the new batch of city police and we will have at least between 45 and 50 new city police,” Francis said.

The Mayor said the CCC and police officers alone cannot solve the city’s crime problem.

He called on members of the community to play their part in the fight against crime.

He said some people turn a blind eye to criminal activity happening right under their nose.

“One of my greatest disappointment is that these things, especially these crimes around the street, is being conducted in the full view of the public, the Mayor stated.

“They are actually committed in the full view of Jeremie Street. You have taxi drivers there, you have passersby there and they actually stand up and look at the crime being committed without one person lifting a finger or saying anything.”

The Mayor made it clear that he wasn’t encouraging people to place themselves at risk, but he said “we have to be our brothers’ keepers.”

Mayor Francis also extended his sympathy to those who have lost their loved ones from the violence in the city.

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  1. Anonymous
    May 25, 2017 at 5:31 pm

    Put the country ,under lock down every night .
    If u on the road late did come from work lock them up for a week.
    The killing has to stop tht B’s