Robbie Set to Release a Monster….

Veteran calypsonian Robbie (Regis Calixte) in his preparations for the 2017 season, will be releasing his first song to the public this Friday on all major media outlets. The song (entitled “CHANGE”) captures all his struggles over the years, in his quest to secure the monarchy and break the bars of calypso jail. Robbie who was also the lead singer for the Reasons Orchestra and a member of the Ambassadors Calypso Tent, has been in the arena for over 35 years and has qualified for the finals 14 …..times, only placing in the 3rd place position in 2001. This year he has teamed up exclusively with New York based writer/arranger Teddy.Z with 3 heavy hitters,which he strongly believes will propel him to the Calypso victory come calypso finals 2017.