Celebration of the World Milk Day

Thursday 1st of June, Serenity Park Castries St Lucia

Thursday, 1st of June is World Milk Day. Since 2001 this special day, which originally is established by the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations), has been celebrated annually around the world on the first of June. The World Milk Day celebration is about sharing the story of milk as an important nutritional source.

Dutch Lady celebrates World Milk Day in many countries worldwide and also in St. Lucia. Students from selected school in the vicinity Castries District are invited to visit the Holland Fun Farm at Serenity Park” on Thursday the 1st of June.  “We will let all visitors experience where milk comes from, therefore we organize all kind of activities. In the farm you can milk a cow, color or play the spiral game “from grass to glass”. Also a photographer is present to make a picture in the style of the Holland Fun Farm to remember the World Milk Day celebration. During the activities all can taste Dutch Lady Milk and more is told about the goodness and heritage of milk.” Mr. Damian Francois, Brand Manager – PCD said.

Milk is unique because it is, by nature, one of the most nutritionally complete foods. It provides essential nutrients: proteins, vitamin B2 and B12 and minerals such as calcium. We need these nutrients every day because they are an essential source of fuel, growth and protection for our bodies.

In order to get enough of these nutrients, the Ministry of Health therefore advises drinking or eating approximately 500 ml of dairy a day (not just milk, but also yoghurt and dairy drinks, for example). This is the equivalent of three glasses of milk per person per day. The recommended intake for children, adolescents and older people is even slightly more. Not only in St. Lucia but worldwide, milk and milk products are recommended as a healthy food source for everybody, young and old.


  1. Dacon
    May 27, 2017 at 9:51 am

    Milk day? Are you guys serious?
    Have you seen how cows are treated? What they do to those poor animals so that they could produce milk? Its a damn shame!!

    I used to love milk before I saw that video .yes video. Its out in video land.. Take a look at it and maybe you to will change your mind in solidarity with those animals

  2. Anonymous
    May 27, 2017 at 12:30 pm

    Milk day is not news, St. Lucia times get real news for people to comment upon.