NCF rallies for continued support

GIS:-The organization remains $50,000 short of its $200,000 national telethon target.

The National Community Foundation’s annual telethon took place on Sunday, May 28. The telethon is the single biggest fundraiser for the organization.

Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Hon. Allen M. Chastanet was on hand at this year’s telethon. He applauded the NCF’s work.

“I really commend this effort in terms of making resources available to people when a disaster hits them and clearly [in the case of] displaced youth. The number one thing leading to crime, we believe right now in Saint Lucia, is the problems that we’re having with families—the loss of values but even in broken homes and children not having any after school program. So this is something that will go a long way and I’m very glad that the NCF is making a contribution in that area.”

Prime Minister Chastanet appealed to Saint Lucians to help the NCF achieve its mandate.

“As bad as you may think things are with you, there is always somebody who is that much worse off. And I think that regardless of how much you make, it is important to set aside a small amount of money to be able to say that you appreciate the community.”

The target for the 2017 NCF telethon was $200,000. With corporate and individual contributions, the telethon raised about $142,000, falling short of its target.

The NCF is encouraging everyone to give whatever they can. Donations can be made to Bank of Saint Lucia, account number 104511121 or at 1st National Bank, account number 8405087. The NCF is also asking volunteers to contact their office at 453-6661.

The NCF was founded in 2002 to support the most vulnerable in Saint Lucia. Among the categories of the vulnerable, the NCF focuses on care for the elderly, medical treatment for the sick, fire victims, education scholarships for the underprivileged, and youth-at-risk interventions.