Minister comments on Choiseul development projects

GIS:-School and hotel development plans are underway for the rural community.

Several developmental projects have been outlined for the constituency of Choiseul/Saltibus, aimed at generating employment and improving the standard of living of residents.

Among the projects is the reconstruction of Block B and Block C of the Choiseul Secondary School.

Parliamentary Representative for Choiseul/Saltibus, Hon Bradly Felix, welcomed this project and expressed delight that construction will be commencing soon.

“The motto of the school is through perseverance and discipline you will succeed. And I must commend the patience of the principal, teachers, students and residents. There was genuine concern when I visited the school, and while I do believe the quality of the infrastructure has a lot to do with the right environment for learning, my greatest concern was the issue of safety. It really concerned me when I visited the school and I saw the steel and other fundamental foundation issues. I felt something had to be done, and I must say I am very, very happy today with where we are.”

Minister Felix also embraced the Black Bay Hotel Development Project.

“I know the people from the south will benefit significantly from this development. Next month, we will have another ceremony to mark the ground breaking of the Sab Wisha Hotel Development. So there’s a lot happening in the southern community and Choiseul will be benefiting quite a bit from what’s going to take place.”

The $106 million Black Bay Hotel Development Project will have 108 rooms with associated luxury facilities.


  1. Anonymous
    June 3, 2017 at 4:15 pm

    Bradley if you’re so concerned about the health and safety of the teachers, and students why is the school being demolished with the teachers and students on the premises…dosen’t that concern you?

    1. Anonymous
      June 3, 2017 at 7:27 pm

      You are so stupid. So we should close the airport whiles it is being rebuilt? Why do you think that the ministry won’t take that into consideration during the construction of the school?