Venezuela calls for Elections on the 30th of July 2017

PRESS RELEASE:-The Sectorial and territorial elections, for National Constituent Assembly, will be held on the same day. More than 55,000 Venezuelans were nominated as candidates for the Constituent Assembly convened by Maduro.

The National Electoral Council (NEC) reported yesterday 4th of June,2017 that, 55,314 Venezuelans were nominated as candidates to participate in the Constituent Assembly, convened by President Nicolás Maduro.

The NEC President, Tibisay Lucena, reported that, by the territorial modality, 19,876 applicants were registered, while, by the sectoral modality, there were 35,438 registered candidates. She stressed that the number of Venezuelans to participate in the process is high, considering that only 545 will be elected.

“We have had record registrations,” Lucena said, explaining that, on average, there are 828 candidates in the country. Likewise, the Venezuelan official announced that on Monday, the National Electoral Board will submit to the NEC the proposal of July 30, as the date for holding the elections of the National Constituent Assembly, for both modalities.

She recalled that, from now on, Venezuelans who aspire to participate in the Constituent Assembly, should start collecting signatures and that, for this, they can download the forms available on the website of the electoral body. The NEC celebrated the number of women registered as candidates.

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  1. Anonymous
    June 7, 2017 at 8:41 am

    The final paragraph is badly written. You don’t recall the future. You recall the past. Read it again and see what I am saying.