Maduro proposed national campaign to reflect on violence

AVN:- A major crusade of reflection to condemn hatred and to overcome the political violence promoted by radical sectors of the opposition as part of an armed sedition plan against the state, was proposed on Sunday by President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro.

“We launched a great campaign to condemn violence and hatred, a crusade of national reunification of peace”, he said during his weekly TV show “Sundays with Maduro”.

He made this call to raise awareness about the death of the young man Orlando Figuera, who was stabbed and burned alive on May 20 in Altamira, Caracas, for “looking like chavista” when he was passing near an opposition demonstration.

In this sense, Maduro stressed the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), convened in use of his constitutional powers, is the only democratic alternative to overcome the political and social situation affecting the country. “I believe the historical process in which Venezuela has already entered is irreversible, from the point of search for deep justice, peace,” he reflected.

He stressed the importance of holding a consultative referendum to approve the new constitutional text produced by this assembly. He also announced that a new complement to the electoral bases that will be delivered to the National Electoral Council (CNE) will be published in the Official Gazette this Monday.

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