Castries Mayor urges youth to stay on straight and narrow path

Castries Mayor Peterson Francis joined dozens of school students Friday for a public march against crime.

The event was organized by the Vide Boutielle Secondary School.

Mayor Francis said the march was a commendable initiative which he was happy to support.

His main message to the youth present, he said, was to stay on the “straight and narrow path.”

“I will be speaking to them to stay on the straight and narrow path,” Mayor Peterson said. “When they look around them they realize that nearly all our young people are ending up in jail simply for these reasons,” he added.

The Mayor suggested that some of the students participating in the march may themselves be victims of crimes such as sexual abuse and drugs.

The students, with placards in hand, walked from their school in La Clery through to the streets of Castries before making their way back to the school grounds.

One placard read, “Stop the abuse of our women” while another said simply “Stop the Violence.”

Vibe Boutielle Secondary School Teacher, Selba Wilson said the march was meant to create public awareness of the effects of mounting crime on children.

“This is a small manifestation to show how they feel in order to keep everybody informed and let them know what is happening and the different social issues they children are going through on a daily basis,” Mr. Wilson said.

Mr Wilson said the hope is that the march sparks debate that would lead to meaningful change in addressing the nation’s crime problem.

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