Minister meets with school principals

GIS:-The Ministry of Education is actively crafting programs that will keep children meaningfully engaged.

Education officials are working closely with principals to bring about improvements in the school system.

Minister for Education, Innovation, Gender Relations and Sustainable Development, Hon Dr Gale Rigobert, met recently with principals to discuss issues affecting the school system.

Dr Rigobert commended the principals for their dedication and valuable contributions to the education system.

“What we do as educators is so important. We are charged with the responsibility to ensure that we produce holistic citizens. Yes, citizens with some core competencies, but also citizens who understand the importance of community, who understand the importance of giving back, volunteering, and who understand their responsibility to the greater whole.”

Student indiscipline was highlighted as one of the top concerns among principals. The minister noted that programs are being implemented to assist in the establishment of effective school discipline.

“Not only is the Ministry of Education actively crafting programs to ensure that when a child is suspended it does not result in spitting that child onto the streets and into environments that very well lead to further difficulty for that child, as articulated in the EQUIP project; we are also working along with the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) on programs that, in the event those kids find themselves there, that they are not thrown into less than child friendly environments, and that there are programs to engage them meaningfully.”

The meeting also addressed issues such as insufficient guidance counselors, poor scheduling of teacher workshops, and a bulky curriculum for primary school students.