E-Ticket Sales Platform Launched in St. Lucia

PRESS RELEASE:-St. Lucia is finally home to its first online ticketing platform. LucianTickets.com provides an avenue for local event organisers to sell tickets entirely online. Event patrons can purchase tickets using their debit/credit cards from the LucianTickets.com website on any computer or mobile.

Why eTicketing?

This e-ticketing solution is easy, flexible and affordable for any and all St. Lucian events. E-ticketing provides several advantages over traditional print tickets. There are no fees for designing and printing tickets that may not necessarily sell. You never have to wonder how many tickets you can sell again. Simply put your tickets up for the sale and with daily sales reports, watch the trends at it sells. You’ll never have to rush to re-print additional tickets again. Forget about finding outlets in convenient locations that will agree to sell tickets on your behalf. Put your tickets up for sale online and reach any target audience, anywhere in the world. E-ticketing is a green solution that will minimize your event’s ecological footprint on the planet.

Why use LucianTickets.com

With all the advantages that come with using an e-ticketing solution, LucianTickets.com brings even more value. We take the hassle out of setting up with an international e-ticketing solution. There are no monthly fees, no setup fees and unlimited local support throughout the period for which your tickets are up for sale. Getting your money from ticket sales is east. There is no need for a US bank account. LucianTickets.com provides daily sales reports to ticket vendors & weekly cash disbursements. LucianTickets.com even allows your patrons to make a separate charitable donation to your event, and, if you’re having a free event but need to control the size of your crowd, we can help with that also.  This is perfect for fundraising events that don’t want to sell tickets at a fixed price but would rather their patrons simply make a donation to gain entry.

How it works

LucianTickets.com allows event planners to turn the mobile phones of every attendee into a ticketing office. When tickets are purchased through LucianTickets.com, ticket purchasers will receive an email with a barcoded ticket. On the day of the event, attendees can simply present the email with the ticket on their mobile phones. It will then be scanned using a mobile application than can be installed on any Android or iOS device. Each ticket barcode is unique and can be scanned only once, therefore there is a decreased chance of fraudulent tickets. Attendees may also decide to print their tickets if they choose.

Event Directory for St. Lucia

Finally, LucianTickets.com provides a never-before opportunity for all events in St. Lucia to advertise in one space. Now, persons looking for something to do on the weekend, or on a holiday, can simply lookup what tickets are on sale on LucianTickets.com and go. This can be done from any desktop, laptop or mobile device so there is nothing holding any one back.

For more information visit www.LucianTickets.com.

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    June 12, 2017 at 10:28 am

    Good Idea