Large earthquake strikes Guatemala Mexico border

Sky News:-An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.9 has struck Guatemala, close to the country’s border with Mexico.

The quake hit around 97 miles west of Guatemala City in the San Marcos district, close to the border with Mexico’s Chiapas state, damaging homes and buildings and cutting power.

At least one person was hurt after a church collapsed in the tremor, but there have been no reported fatalities.

Guatemala’s president Jimmy Morales tweeted that everyone should “stay calm and be alert to possible aftershocks”.

The earthquake was felt across the area – and although it struck close to the Pacific Ocean no tsunami warning was issued.

Schools in the affected region have been closed for the day while building inspections are carried out.

Guatemala is at risk of large earthquakes because it is located where two of Earth’s tectonic plates meet.

The San Marcos area was hit by deadly quakes in 2012 and 2014 in which dozens of people died.