“Somos Venezuela” movement to expand attention of socialist missions

AVN:-Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro swore in this Sunday the members of the movement Somos Venezuela, a new program that will have a deployment of volunteers to serve directly Venezuelans registered in the Homeland Card, and broaden the scope of action of socialist missions.

“To go to the search of the one who needs, the one who suffers and to seal with our own hand an infinite pact of love, development, freedom and common life of a whole people deserving a better destiny,” he said during an event held in Caracas.

This movement will serve to respond to the main demands of the people, especially the most vulnerable sectors, through data of the system from the Homeland Card, which recorded in its 18 weeks of enrollment more than 14,527,000 Venezuelans.

The president asked to go to the search of all these Venezuelans to help them solve their personal, community and family needs through the 24 missions created by the Bolivarian Revolution.

“When I founded the Homeland Card proposal, it was because I wanted to arrive with a modern, technological, advanced system, to coordinate millions of men to make more efficient missions, great missions and to solve the social and economic problems of the whole people,” he said.

Deployment in two rings

Maduro explained that deployment of the movement will take place in two rings. The first will begin on June 15 and will be in charge of determining the needs of the people.

This ring will be made up of the Francisco de Miranda Front (FFM; Spanish acronym), the country’s military units, the Movement for Peace and Life, the Cuban Medical and Sports Mission, the PSUV and the Great Patriotic Pole Youth, physicians, the Active Reserve and the Bolivarian National Militia, the Robert Serra Mission, the National Union of Women (UNAMUJER) and the body of inspectors of Venezuela.

In the second action ring, communities will be directly served through the Centralized General Staff of the Homeland Card, which will include and articulate all missions, major missions and social movements at the state and municipal levels.

This group will be made up of the 13,000 Battle Units Bolivar Chavez (UBCh) –PSUV’s grassroots cadres–, the communal councils, the Bolivarian Organization of Students and all social, cultural and political groups of the country.

First phase of assistance

President Maduro announced that in a first phase, more than 66,000 volunteers from the Somos Venezuela movement will be deployed across the country from June 15 to July 15 to serve 14.5 million citizens registered in the Homeland Card.

“Pay attention all those with Homeland Cards, from June 15 to July 15, more than 66 thousand volunteers of the Somos Venezuela movement will be deployed to the search of the problems of those registered, to the direct attention of the issues that were diagnosed in this great activity of the Homeland Card,” he said.

He also called on volunteers of the movement to begin to approach the urban complexes that make up the Great Housing Mission Venezuela throughout the national territory.

“The first sweep of the visit from June 15 to July 15 has to be to all urban complexes of the Great Housing Mission Venezuela, it is an order to consolidate education, culture, sport, infrastructure,” he said.

Food houses

From June 15, the Somos Venezuela movement will be in charge of reactivating the houses of the Food Mission in the different communities and neighborhoods.

“Through this activity from June 15 to July 15, we will reactivate all the food houses of the Food Mission in the neighborhoods, communities, urban complexes. We will complete the food mission projects with a clear vision of the Clap (Local Committees of Supply and Production),” Maduro said.

Resources for projects and pension payments

President Maduro approved Sunday 4 billion bolivars for the development of socio-productive projects to favor 400 communities across the country.

He also allocated resources to grant pensions to 200,000 Venezuelans belonging to the the Great Mission Love for the Elderly, created in 2011 on the initiative of President Hugo Chavez to universalize the right to pensions.

Maduro said that through the implementation of the Homeland Card, an estimated 700,000 elderly people were found without having a pension.