Chinese students scorned after cleaners carry them during floods

A group of college students have been criticised as spoiled online in China after photographs were circulated of cleaning maids carrying them on their backs to get through floodwater, a news website reported.

The pictures were taken at Liupanshui Normal College in Guizhou province on Thursday after the area was hit by heavy downpours, the China News Service reported.

Roads on the campus were inundated with water and in heavily flooded areas stools were placed on the ground for students to walk on, or several cleaners were deployed to carry them.

Pictures showed male and female students carried by the cleaning staff.

Many internet users said the students were spoiled and should have fended for themselves.

Some referred to the students as a “giant baby”, a term that has come to be used on the mainland to describe young people who rely on their parents to do everything for them.

One person wrote on social media: “They’re too spoiled. The water is only as deep as their feet. For kindergarten kids, it’s fine, but for university students, I don’t understand that!”