Culture Minister meets CDF Board

The Minister of Local Government and Culture Fortuna Belrose has met with the Board of Directors of the Cultural Development Foundation saying that the government is committed to building the relationship with stakeholders involved in the Arts.

Belrose said last week’s meeting discussed a number of areas including the relocation of the CDF building, the organization’s future role and the upcoming Caribbean Festival of Arts (CARIFESTA).

The Minister said the CDF Board understood the direction “we want to go” and they are open to the relations that “we want to continue to develop with them”.

“CDF, I think, for what we’ve assessed, they’ve been taken for a ride for a very long time,” Belrose stated. “Clearly there was sentiment expressed about the hurt the organization had felt overtime.”

Belrose said the Government wants to ensure that the Arts contribute more significantly to the island’s GDP and added that the CDF must undertake a process of strategic planning to reposition the organization.

The government, Belrose added, wants a system that is more open and transparent in the selection of candidates who will represent St Lucia in CARIFESTA.

She said all St Lucian children should have an equal opportunity to audition for the regional festival.

“We want a system that is fluid, open and transparent so every parent who have children involved in the Arts can see that one day their child can get to represent St Lucia as part of that team.”

“As a government we are committed to ensuring that our team goes to CARIFESTA but we make it a point that they must contribute to that process.”

She said the Arts have been taken for a “ride” and acknowledged that the government was lacking trust among the arts community.

“We have to work the relationship with them to ensure that we get them to the place where they can go to the unknown with us.”


  1. Anonymous
    June 19, 2017 at 5:20 pm

    Why are these articles so one sided? No information about what the CDF Board said. I would also hate to think that this is the first time the minister of Culture is meeting the CDF Board. She’s been in that position for over a year now. If anybody is taking the arts and the CDF for a ride, it is this Government. The timing of this hints more to after-the-fact damage control instead of any genuine interest in the arts. But then again, this is a lady who blamed Saint Lucians for not promoting Jazz…

    1. Anonymous
      June 19, 2017 at 6:36 pm

      I could not agree with you more. All this is being said and done by the Minister because of the recent uproar by the Arts community regarding the pronouncement by the PM of relocation of the National Cultural Center without any consultation or discussion with the Arts Community!!!!!

    2. Anonymous
      June 19, 2017 at 7:44 pm

      I think you all are disapointed that there was a discussion between the govt and the CDF, after all that happened last week over the Cultural Center. The Govt is about progress and the CDF is smart enough to see that. NOW WE ARE MOVING FORWARD.

  2. LB
    June 20, 2017 at 1:17 pm

    I am more interested in the location/move and what result the CDF Board had with the government in that regard. Moving an organisation to another location is far more expensive, or maybe, on par, with funding a delegation to be sent to CARIFESTA.

    Sending artists to CARIFESTA should not only be a “production” but involve ALL the genres of arts: visual, literary, dance, theatre, culinary, film, fashion and all the subheadings which follow. This can be found in the CARIFESTA mandate. So, my argument … the amount of money spent on relocating the CDF/NCC could have been spent on sending an artistic contingent to Barbados (just next door) for CARIFESTA.

    To “Anonymous @ 7:44 PM” – moving forward is not always “progressive”. In this situation, it is very “regressive”.

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