The Achiever Releases New Groovy Soca for 2017

PRESS RELEASE:-Anthony Charles, aka “The Achiever” in the calypso arena, began his calypso singing career in the year 2000, having been inspired by the late calypso stalwart “Get Through”.

The Achiever began his calypso sojourn with the Take Over Tent (TOT) – a tent in which he still remains an active member. When he first entered the Kaiso circles, his sobriquet was “Struggler” a name that signified his life’s various struggles.

His first appearance on stage with the Take Over Tent saw Anthony Charles belting out a number called “Rescue De Calypso Artform”- a call for the revival of pure calypso.

Whilst the Achiever has made his mark in the calypso artform, he has also participated in the soca ring with hip-moving songs such as “Hush Twush”, “No whine no grind”, “Party Move” and more.

This year, proving his versatility, The Achiever has entered the Groovy Soca Stable with a pulsating rendition “Rock You Girl”. Written and composed by Lucius Doxerie and MC Natty, with background vocals by Shekira Lansiquot, the song was mastered by Ron Louis of digitalmixlab in Laborie.

The team anticipates that the catchy song with its mesmerizing chorus, which underpins the groovy melody, will thrill the local audience, as well skip beyond the shores of Saint Lucia into the regional and international spheres.

Rock You Girl is available on YouTube@ “Lucian Soca 2017 Rock You Girl”.


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    June 22, 2017 at 7:49 pm

    I’m only here for the Dennery segment.

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