TVET to boost interest in the Arts

GIS:-Secondary School Arts Teachers Work to Revise and Strengthen the Arts Curriculum.

The Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Unit is working closely with secondary school Arts teachers to revise and strengthen the Arts curriculum.

The Visual Arts teachers met recently at a workshop in an effort to chart the roadmap for arts education. Visual Arts teacher attached to the TVET Unit, Delphia Naitrum, said the workshop allowed for reflection on the practice and teaching of arts in the schools.

“We live in a world where design and the visual arts is part of our everyday lives, and we’re deliberating on how we can improve students’ performance in the Visual Arts subject area, and also offer a richer experience for students so that they can apply it to their everyday lives.”

Dean in the Division of Teacher Education at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, Dr Anthony Felicien, said Arts education is important, and as such, there is a need to rekindle the interest in the Arts among students.

“For the longest while the Arts have suffered tremendously and it has been limited to persons who were seen as not being too academically inclined which is unfortunate. I commend the teachers’ initiative to make arts important enough to students, so that they may choose to opt for it at the CSEC level.”

The workshop was held under the theme “Rethinking Art Education.”