Vector Awareness Week Ends

GIS:-The Observance Directs Energies Toward the Reduction of Vectors During the Rainy Season.

The Ministry of Health will conclude the observance of Vector Awareness Week on Sunday.

The annual observance is a feature in the calendar of the Ministry of Health that heralds the start of the rainy season and marks an intensification of efforts directed towards the reduction of vectors and the mobilization of communities to adopt pest reduction practices.

The observance was held under the theme “Be the Change, Pests Must Go!”, and featured a series of activities that included health fairs, talks, media appearances, and the formal launching of the event.

The objectives were to continue awareness on the prevention of vector borne illnesses, promote source reduction as a strategy for vector management, strengthen and maintain multi-sector collaborations aimed at vector reduction strategies, and to sustain community participation and involvement in activities aimed at vector reduction.

Vector Awareness Week formally commenced on June 19 and will culminate on June 25.