Pigeon Island to host live theatre show

GIS:-The Show Endeavours to Reenact Bastille Day Scenes Through Live Theatre with Technical Sound and Lighting.

The Alliance Française of Saint Lucia will host Bastille Day, a live theatre sound and light show, next month.

Bastille Day is celebrated annually in France on July 14, as the anniversary of the great French Revolution of 1879.

The History of France, especially the period of the French Revolution is strongly linked to the history of Saint Lucia. The Alliance Française endeavours to reenact many of the scenes through live theatre, with technical sound and lighting, and with the picturesque Pigeon Island National Landmark as the perfect backdrop.

The Alliance Française has sought over 100 up-and-coming actors as well as seasoned actors from Saint Lucia for the event. The young actors are students of History, French, and Theatre Arts from various schools on the island. They will experience a unique method of acting that involves acting to audio lines without memorizing of a script.

It will be an evening of education and entertainment which will bring to the fore the link between  Saint Lucia and France historically and even to this present day.

The Bastille Day live theatre show will be held on July 14 at the Pigeon Island National Landmark at 6:30 p.m. Admission is free.

View the Bastille Day teaser here.