GIS readies for disaster response

GIS:-Information Coordination at Heart of Crisis Management Says GIS Director.

On the heels of an annual general meeting convened by the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO), Director of the Government Information Service, Clement Wulf-Soulage, has indicated the steps that the GIS will take to ensure that information dissemination and disaster management is well coordinated during the hurricane season.

“The Government Information Service will facilitate the process of speaking with one voice in terms of storm information, evacuation orders, routes and shelters,” Mr. Wulf-Soulage explained. “With the guidance of NEMO, the GIS will convene a meeting with all media managers to explain the information plan and the role of the GIS in crisis management. We will designate three staff members to work closely with NEMO—one will be embedded with NEMO—to manage the local, regional and international press, so specifically we will make available a cameraman, an information officer, and an information assistant to work closely with NEMO. Furthermore, we shall establish a direct link with the MET Office.”

The GIS director pointed out that the National Television Network (NTN) has started to air hurricane precautions and emergency risk communications to ensure that citizens are prepared if and when a disaster strikes. He added that it is imperative for information management and dissemination to remain at the heart of crisis management.

“As far as information is concerned it is better to have a coordinated response and follow communications protocol. The specifity of information is important. It needs to be disseminated in a coordinated and structured manner so that others don’t become disadvantaged due to misinformation,” he said.

The annual meeting took place on June 30 at the Financial Administration Center.