Relative: Mentally challenged deceased was ‘hyper’

A relative has said that Julian Henry,alias ‘Norway’ who was allegedly beaten up and died on Monday at St Jude Hospital was always ‘hyper’ and angry.

“He was not somebody that was very quiet,” Martha Jn Baptiste-Alfred, the niece of the mentally challenged deceased explained.

Jn Baptiste-Alfred disclosed that Henry, 61, had  been dealing with mental illness for the past thirty years.

“What I got to know is that he was in a fight with somebody and he got some blows and they took him to Soufriere Hospital – (then) sent him to St Jude where he stayed for about four to five days and he died after that,” she said.

The niece, who preferred not to have a frontal photograph of herself taken for the Times, described the death as unfortunate.

But she said what happened cannot be undone.

“As a result we just have to accept it and move on,” the niece declared.

Henry lived alone but close to a brother who took care of him, she stated.

He was found ‘almost unresponsive’ on Thursday in a shack where he lived at Soufriere, according to reports.

Henry was taken to the Soufriere Hospital via ambulance on the same day but  was later transferred to St Jude Hospital where he died.

A man and a woman were subsequently taken into police custody for questioning in connection with the death.

It is believed that Henry got into an altercation with the woman when the man intervened and there was a physical confrontation with the deceased.

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  1. Anonymous
    July 7, 2017 at 8:21 am

    So sad I know how it feels ,RIP