3rd Annual Karen Beaubrun Swim Meet A Success!

The Seajays Swim Club hosted the 3rd Annual Karen Beaubrun Swim Meet July 8th and 9th 2017. Swimmers from eight Swim Clubs competed with the intention to improve their times and for some to gain qualification for the Goodwill Swim Championship scheduled in Guyana in the month of August.

As SLASA Technical Committee works on the final selection for Goodwill, The Seajays Swim Club congratulates all swimmers who accomplished and met their goals.

The overall winners of the Meet were The Seajays Swim Club with 1159 points.

The other clubs point standing was as follows:

2nd Place Sharks Swim Club 935 points

3rd Place Racers Swim Club 503 points

4th Place Lightning Aquatics 495 points

5th Place Southern Flying Fish 290 points

6th Place RR Aquatic Swim Club 290 points

7th Place Sports Academy 77 points

Age Group medals were awarded to swimmers placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the age category ranging from 6 and under to 15 and over.

Girls 6 and Under

1st Zaina Brathwaite Sharks Swim Club, 2nd Maravilla John Sharks Swim Club, 3rd Sarah Moraa RR Aquatic Swim Club

Boys 6 and Under

1st Noah Dorville Seajays Swim Club, 2nd Daniel Ambler RR Aquatic Swim Club, 3rd Aaron Charles Lightning Aquatic Swim Club

Girls 8 and Under

1st Christopher Hannah RR Aquatic Swim Club, 2nd Mila Festini Cromer Seajays Swim Club, 3rd  Gaillard Anneliese

Boys 8 and Under

1st Antoine Destang Sharks Swim Club, 2nd Thaeden Antoine Sharks Swim Club, 3rd Jake Kyle Sharks Swim Club

Girls 9 – 10

1st Jasmine Stiede Sharks Swim Club, 2nd Amelia Joseph Sharks Swim Club, 3rd  Jermina Odlum Smith Seajays Swim Club

Boys 9-10

1st Therron Herelle Racers Swim Club, 2nd Karic Charles Lightning Aquatics Swim Club, 3rd Tristan Dorville Seajays Swim Club

Girls 11-12

1st Naima Hazell Lightning Aquatics Swim Club, 2nd Naekeisha Louis Lightning Aquatics Swim Club, 3rd Jorja Mederick Racers Swim Club

Boys 11-12

1st D’Andre Blanchard Sea Jays Swim Club, 2nd Ziv Reynolds Sharks Swim Club, 2nd Ernest, Akim Unattached

Girls 13-14

1st Mikaili Charlemagne Sharks Swim Club,  2nd Marisa Louisy Seajays Swim Club, 3rd Kaela George Seajays Swim Club

Boys 13-14

1st Jayhan Odlum-Smith Seajays Swim Club, 2nd Terrel Monplaisir Seajays Swim Club, 3rd Jamarr Archibald Seajays Swim Club

Girls 15 and over

1st Mya Peter Seajays Swim Club, 2nd Pavana Dalsou Seajays Swim Club, 3rd Chloe Thomas

Boys 15 and over

1st Christopher Phillips Seajays Swim Club, 2nd Devin Boodha Sea Jays Swim Club, 3rd  Omar Alexander Racers Swim Club

Seven Age Group Records were set at Karen Beaubrun Meet.
Congratulations to Antoine Destang on breaking the 8 and under 100 Breast with a time of 1:38.43, 100 Free with a new time of 1:12.74 and 200 Free with a new time of 2:45.03. Terrel Monplaisir also broke the 13 -14 100 Breast with a time of 1:10.97, Katie Kyle 13-14 50 Free with a time of 27.80 and 100 Free with a new time of 1:00.22 and Jamarr Archibald 13 – 14 200 Free with a new time of 2:04.32.

Special Recognition of Karen Beaubrun Certificates were awarded to swimmers who were identified by their club as swimmers who stood out for dedication and commitment to training with great sportsmanship.

Receiving certificates were Tristan Dorville from the Seajays Swim Club, Ian Spiegelberg of the Sharks Swim Club, Omar Alexander of the Racers Swim Club, Naima Hazel of Lightning Aquatics, Anika Holder of Southern Flying Fish, Jamil Laurence of RR Aquatics Swim Club and Shamere Fevriere of Sports Academy.

Seajays thanks its sponsors as without them the meet would not possible. Special thanks goes out to Cox & Company, The Beaubrun Family, National Lotteries Authority. Saint Lucia Social Development Fund (SSDF), Excel Signs, KFC, Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort, CIBC First Caribbean International Bank, Landmark Ltd, Bay Gardens Beach Resort, Linda & Adrian Augier, Caribbean Metals Limited, Ms. Troy Valcin, Sugar Beach, a Viceroy Resort, Windward & Leeward Brewery Limited, Touch Therapies Day Spa St. Lucia, Sandals Grande, Henna St. Lucia, Lucian Cuisine, J Q Group of Companies, and Spice of India