ECCO to make record royalty payout

ECCO,  the Eastern Caribbean Collective Organisation for Music Rights, is set to make a record royalty payout of some one million dollars this year.

Payments were being made Wednesday.

According to the organisation, the total royalty payout for the first distribution of 2017 will be in the region of $460,000 – a record payout for ECCO members and affiliates.

Another disbursement of $132,000 is to be paid for live performances at the end of next month, whereas early indications are that ECCO will be making a further distribution of over $450 ,000 in October.

The organisation has said that this will top the million-dollar mark for royalty distribution in a given year.

ECCO is calling members who have earned royalties from their music during 2016 to collect their royalty cheques from the ECCO Office at Sans Soucis, Castries.

The organisation has urged members to submit all distribution queries in writing to the ECCO Office Manager so that the queries may be logged and dealt with in a ‘systematic’ and ‘efficient’ manner.

“For good governance and procedure, ECCO aims to respond to all queries within a month of receipt, with the exception of queries concerning international performances which have a turn-around period of up to 3 months from date of receipt,” the organization observed.