ACS committeed to the increase in sustainable destinations

MinTur:-Community tourism and technical training and were some of the proposals made at the XXVIII Meeting of the Special Committee on Sustainable Tourism of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS). Participants expressed their commitment to consolidate the areas of tourist interest. The Director of Sustainable Tourism for the organization, Julio Orozco, applauded and thanked the Venezuelan delegation for the magnitude of the event.

“The countries have taken with them a very positive result for the practices and development of better community tourism. These two days leave us satisfied to continue propitiating this tourist activity “. Orozco added 23 countries that have decided to adapt to the process of implementing good practice for Sustainable Tourism. He also said: “Our task is to strengthen the commitment of member countries to achieve the consolidation of sustainable destinations in the region”.

Venezuela’s presentation demonstarated to the Caribbean countries that it has all the natural, cultural, patrimonial and gastronomic resources to position itself as a multi-destination and megadiverse country. They also highlighted the training programs and the integration between community, private enterprise and national government; an example of this is the Playa El Agua ecotourism boulevard in, Margarita.

The Minister of Popular Power for Tourism, Marleny Contreras, said she offers the Great Caribbean two of the best Venezuelan products such as the Canaima National Park and the Mérida Cable Car System, Mukumarí. “Beyond the sun and beach we have snow that we can perfectly put at the disposal of tourists and visitors who enjoy our beaches, to complement those days of enjoyment with snow a totally different product” said Contreras.

ACS General Secretary, Dr. June Soomer, said: “One of the things to take away from this meeting is that the organization is obligated to the people to develop the region and move forward. Many of us do not know Venezuela, but with this meeting we have already understood the diversification of this country. The days we have been here, we have seen a lot and shared with people, experiences that can be made known with people from other parts of the world”. She also thanked the Government of Venezuela for the hospitality and attention given to the participating countries.

The Dominican Republic’s ambassador to the ACS, José Surelle Ramia, said: “I am impressed with all this beauty, joy and hospitality of the Venezuelan people. I call on the Venezuelan people to proclaim La Paz as a fact and permanent action”. He explained that the ACS States are seeking benefits, welfare and fraternity among the people; multidestination is integration. “committed to the growth of sustainable tourism in the Greater Caribbean,” said Jose Surelle

The development of this international meeting is a sign of the commitment of the Bolivarian Government, President Nicolás Maduro, to boost tourism. It is the ninth engine of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda that seeks to attract investments, foreign exchange and the economic development of the country; as well as the integration of Caribbean countries.

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