Education ministry to advise on colleges, careers

GIS:-A Symposium Aims to Clarify the Misconceptions Held by those Aiming to Study Abroad.

The Department of Education, Innovation, Gender Relations and Sustainable Development will convene a college readiness symposium later this month.

In an effort to simplify the transition made by Saint Lucian students to college life abroad, the symposium aims to clarify the misconceptions held by those aiming to study in Taiwan, Cuba, North America and throughout the region.

Minister for Education, Innovation, Gender Relations and Sustainable Development, Hon Dr Gale Rigobert, has stated that the symposium will be held from July 26 – 28 at the Finance Administration Centre.

“The college readiness symposium includes a community college study abroad career guidance component, a guidance counselors forum, and at the symposium, students will be encouraged to ask as many questions as they have while the experts on hand will endeavor to answer all that they can.”

A career guidance workshop specifically targeting career guidance counselors will also be held.

“On July 27 we will have a career guidance workshop and that workshop will target career guidance counselors to better equip them to give advice to the students who are leaving school and are contemplating career choices, those students who are unsure of what to study or what to become, or those who are uncertain of how to transition from high school to a college or university. I think that they will find that workshop particularly useful and I would like to encourage all guidance counselors to attend.”

The minister added that even though some individuals are unaware of when they may be going to study, it would be in their best interests to attend the symposium due to the variety of topics that will be covered. The topics include financial preparedness, securing a loan, securing a scholarship, and preparing for North American examinations.