Grand closure of campaign in support of the Constituent Assembly in Venezuela

PRESS RELEASE:-President Maduro again called the opposition to Dialogue and Reconciliation


Thursday, July 27, at a massive rally which brought together hundreds of thousands of people in Caracas, the President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, brought the curtains down on the electoral campaign for this Sunday’s  – July 30 – Constituent Assembly elections.

The campaign for the Constituent Assembly elections began on July 9, after President Maduro called for a National Constituent Assembly in accordance with that which is established in article 347of the Venezuelan Constitution:  “The original constituent power rests with the people of Venezuela. This power may be exercised by calling a National Constituent Assembly for the purpose of transforming the State, creating a new juridical order and drawing up a new Constitution”. Likewise, Article 348 states that “The initiative for calling a National Constituent Assembly may emanate from the President of the Republic sitting with the Cabinet of Ministers (…)”.

In his address to the masses gathered on three huge avenues in Caracas, President Maduro denounced President Donald Trump’s threats to impose sanctions on Venezuela if Sunday’s elections were held,  stating: “Trump intends to give orders in our country, but we do not accept it. Venezuela is a free and independent country with dignity and morals and must be respected by the world, and next Sunday we will fill each electoral center with votes, to silence the mouth of the imperialist” also adding: “only the people rule in Venezuela”, and that “our battle must be with millions of votes of a patriotic people willing to give everything for peace”.

Rally brings together thousands

Rally brings together thousands

He also denounced the alliance between Trump and factors of the Venezuelan opposition who have been inciting violence in some areas of the country since April and has resulted in the death of dozens and the destruction of public and private property. “It is not by violence that we are going to solve our problems. That is why it is fundamental to go out and vote for the Constituent Assembly, which will foster reunification, reconciliation and dialogue with all people,” said the Venezuelan Head of State, adding that we are in “the time of dream and hope”.

Although “there are reasons to be upset,” the current situation “requires a vote of confidence for the future and destiny of Venezuela. The Constituent Assembly opens a path to peace”, said Maduro. He called for a “punishment vote” for the opposition, which “has burned humans alive and destroyed shops and businesses.” That punishment will be given on Sunday with a massive participation reflected in votes.

The Venezuelan President called on the opposition to “abandon the insurrectionary path” and reiterated his call for their participation in “a table of dialogue, which will allow the advancement of a great national agreement and reconciliation of the country. A national table of understanding to talk about the big issues affecting the country and restoring peace”.

Once the members of the Constituent Assembly are elected and these hold their deliberations for the proposal of a new Constitution, a referendum will be held in which Venezuelans must decide whether or not to approve the new Constitution.

According to the National Electoral Council, more than 55 thousand people registered to participate in this electoral process, of which 6,120 managed to comply with all the requirements established by law and, therefore, will have their name as candidates on the electoral ballot paper on July 30.

In addition to this electoral process, regional elections in Venezuela are also scheduled for December 10, of this year, to elect the governors and legislative councils of the country’s 23 states.

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