Trinidad lawyer jailed for attempted murder of whistleblowing secretary

A lawyer in Trinidad and Tobago has been jailed for 19 years for the attempted murder of his secretary.

Joseph Melville, 62, was sentenced by High Court judge Maria Wilson on Thursday.

The Attorney was found guilty two months ago of four criminal offences, including attempted murder and conspiracy to murder his secretary, Patricia Cox, in 2001.

He was also found guilty of kidnapping and ­assaulting the woman.

Prosecutors say Melville hired three men to kill Cox on June 28, 2001, when he found out she had reported him to the police after he cashed in two insurance policies on behalf of a client and failed to pay the money to the client.

The secretary escaped the murder by jumping over a precipice.

One of the accomplices, Hilton Winchester, a “PH” driver, was found guilty alongside the attorney and sentenced to ten years’ imprisonment.

Another accomplice who was granted immunity after turning state witness died after giving evidence at the prelimi­nary enquiry.

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