Priests turned away from pub

Sky News:-A group of priests have been turned away from a pub – because staff thought they were on a stag do.

The seven seminarians had popped to the City Arms in Cardiff on Saturday night to celebrate the ordination of colleague Father Peter McLaren.

But when they arrived dressed in the clerical collar, the doorman assumed they were a group of revellers in fancy dress and turned them away.

It was only when the manager realised their outfits were genuine that the men were let in – to applause from other punters and a round of free drinks on the house.

One of the group, Father Michael Doyle, said similar misunderstandings were not uncommon, and that the group had been asked if they were on a stag do only the weekend before.

“The doorman basically said something along the lines of ‘sorry gents, we have a policy of no fancy dress and no stag dos’,” Fr Doyle said, adding that the situation was “just gold”.

Matt Morgan, the assistant manager at the City Arms, said the group were “great sports and saw the funny side of the situation”.

He said the pub tends to turn away stag parties as they “generally have a quieter crowd of drinkers”.

The group, which included trainee priests, continued drinking in the pub and were told they would be “welcome back any time”.

Reverend Robert James was even delighted to discover an ale sharing his name at the bar – and bought a pint of Brains Rev James for the barman.

The Archbishop of Cardiff, George Stack, noted that Rev James did “not have any shares” in the brand.

He said it was “wonderful” that the men were celebrating by having a good time in Cardiff, “which of course they are allowed to have”.

The City Arms is also a favourite pub of the Archbishop, Fr Doyle added.