Carnival lovers urged to promote peace

Press Release:-The Micoud Carnival Committee wishes to say a big “Thank You,’ to ALL who made the hosting of Micoud Carnival 2017 a huge success!

Thank You to our sponsors, the Cultural Development Foundation (CDF), our Carnival Queen contestants, our revelers (Junior and Adult), police and security officers, our very own St. Lucy Steel Pan Orchestra, vendors and the ‘many’ who came to enjoy what were truly events of class, splendor and merriment.

Members of the Committee placed great emphasis on crafting a notable, safe, peaceful and fulfilling carnival product, for the enjoyment of all.  

As such, we would like it to be known that contrary to media reports, the tragic demise of one of our youth did NOT occur on the carnival grounds.

 However, when something of this nature happens in our community, we all feel it.  On this note, The Micoud Carnival Committee extends sincere condolences to the family of the deceased.

The Micoud Carnival Committee will continue to work with all – bandleaders, the police and other agencies – to ensure patrons of the Micoud Carnival are safe. A special plea goes out to all, island-wide, to avoid situations that may escalate to violence.