Courts Repeal Measures Agreed Upon by Leopoldo López and Antonio Ledezma

TeleSur English:-In 2014, after the opposition lost in the municipal’s elections, Lopez led violent protests in an effort to force what the right-wing was unable to win in the voting booth.

Opposition figures in Venezuela Leopoldo Lopez and Antonio Ledezma’s house arrests were revoked Tuesday morning after violating the conditions of the agreement that allowed their freedom under special conditions.

Yesterday 31st of July, the 5th and 6th Courts of the Metropolitan Area of Caracas, respectively, revoked the measures agreed in favor of the citizens Leopoldo López and Antonio Ledezma, once verified the breach of the conditions imposed so that they were kept under house arrest.

Likewise, information was received from sources of official intelligence that gave account of a plan for the escape of these citizens, and therefore, with the urgency of the case, the corresponding safeguard procedures were activated.

It should be noted that the conditions imposed on López did not allow him to carry out any type of political proselytism, this because of the Definitely Signed Judgment that weighs against him, which has as an accessory penalty his political disqualification for the duration of the sentence imposed.

In the case of Antonio Ledezma, the Court of its cause had imposed as conditions the obligation to refrain from issuing declarations before any means, otherwise the measure granted would be revoked immediately.

An alternative measure to formal justice focuses on the behavior of the person benefiting from the measure. If the conduct is challenging to the authority the measure is not fulfilling its effect and will not be effective to avoid the repetition of the criminal facts

Lopez had urged Venezuelans to take to the streets to block the roads to prevent the election of the National Constituent Assembly. In June, while he was still in prison, he published a video asking the military to rebel against the government.

“What corresponds is to ignore this fraudulent National Constituent Assembly, as the Venezuelan people have already done,” said Lopez on his Twitter account.

Ledezma also sent similar messages before and during the election.

Legal expert Maria Alejandra Diaz explained that in any part of the world, when the benefit of house arrest is given, certain conditions are established and when incurring violations such as the call to civil revolt, military uprising and a call to violence, obviously the benefit is violated and the detainees are transferred to their previous places of detention.

Referring to how the international media described the action as “kidnapping”, the lawyer said that this is part of the international media campaign against Venezuela where the actions of the Venezuelan government are not recognized and disqualified.

Leopoldo Lopez comes from a long line of the political elite in Venezuela. Among his various family members who held high offices, his grandfather was a former secretary of agriculture for two years during the 1940s.

In April 2002, Lopez was among those who led an opposition march which was re-routed toward the Miraflores Palace in Caracas, where thousands of President Hugo Chavez supporters were also demonstrating. Dozens of people were killed in the ensuing clashes, which have been shown to be a premeditated, orchestrated massacre to justify the coup and kidnapping of President Chavez.

In 2014, after the opposition lost in municipal elections, Lopez led violent guarimbas in an effort to force what the right-wing was unable to win in the voting booth. Despite the mounting death toll and the continued violence, Lopez insisted people should continue the effort to oust President Nicolas Maduro. During an interview at the time, he was asked when the opposition protests would end. “When we manage to remove those who govern us,” Lopez responded.

The violence led to 43 deaths, with victims of the protests, including the family members of some of those killed, calling for justice. Lopez was later tried for his role in these violent protests and sentenced to 14 years in prison.