Coconut Bay Host Annual Employee Health and Wellness Fair

PRESS RELEASE:-This Friday 4th, August, 2017 marks the staging of the second annual Coconut Bay Employee Health & Wellness Fair – “Spring Into Health”. The event will target over 400 staff members who will benefit from access to free medical check-ups and health care information.

Some nine partner agencies with a focus on healthcare and wellness will collaborate with Coconut Bay to stage this one day event. The event will begin at 10:00 am and will feature the provision of healthcare information and general health check-ups. Areas to be covered would include: health & nutrition, eye screening, personal safety and handling matters of abuse, nutrition and locally grown produce, fitness through exercise and step Zumba Aerobics, cancer prevention, physiotherapy, blood pressure and diabetes testing, organic farming.

The Employee Health & Wellness Fair which was held for the first time last year has proven to be a valuable event for staff not only through the delivery of healthcare information but in the diagnosis of medical issues which required attention. We are mindful therefore that this event provides an opportunity for employees to access free health checks which may have a meaningful impact on their lives.

The objective of this Fair, is to introduce a holistic approach to health and wellness; and to provide tools and resources to emphasize the importance of a balanced lifestyle. Coconut Bay is committed to support its most valued asset, our employees, in achieving this balance.

We are thankful to all partner agencies and individuals who collaborated in ensuring the staging of this our second annual Employee Health & Wellness Fair – “Spring Into Health”.