NRDF, ABE upgrade assessment methods

GIS:-A More Flexible Qualification Scheme will be Launched in January 2018.

The National Research and Development Foundation (NRDF), and the UK-based Association of Business Executives (ABE), will soon introduce a new range of affordable qualifications.

The NRDF became an ABE center in 1999. Eighteen years later, Saint Lucia has the highest per capita of ABE graduates in the world.

During a press briefing on July 26, NRDF General Manager, Ronald Charles, said he hopes students in Saint Lucia continue to support the program.

“Being here today is testament to the fact that they are happy with the numbers that the NRDF is turning out, and I’m hoping that after today’s briefing and with the insight provided by Ms Carrington-Nunez, that we’ll get even further support for the program.”

Kereesa Carrington-Nunez heads ABE in the Caribbean. She revealed that the ABE will launch cutting edge syllabi and a revised, more flexible qualification scheme in January 2018.

“ABE operates on a regulated framework. The framework is set by the UK government. The qualifications credit framework (QCF) means that all qualifications under that framework are credit bearing. The importance of credit bearing is that credits are transferrable, in that you can take these credits and go directly to university.

What they are now changing to is the regulated qualifications framework (RQF) which still carries credits, but it allows awarding bodies like ourselves to have more flexibility, so rather than entry requirements like universities have, we will have entry guidelines.”

Under the RQF, annual exams will not be the sole means of assessment. Assignments will be used during the semester as a fraction of the final grade. Ms Carrington-Nunez said this student-friendly approach will be more beneficial for the individuals furthering their education.