Minister: Rumours about IAU pullout false

Minister for Education, Innovation, Gender Relations and Sustainable Development, Doctor Gale Rigobert has dismissed as ‘categorically false’, rumours of IAU College of Medicine moving out of Saint Lucia.

The leadership of the IAU recently denied that the institution was relocating to another Caribbean island.

The President of the Vieux-Fort based college, Manmadhan Nair, stated last week that his institution has absolutely no intention of moving out of Saint Lucia.

Doctor Gale Rigobert has acknowledged that the situation regarding accreditation of medical schools came to a head in April of this year, triggered by a letter disseminated by the ECFMG from the USA, regarding the eligibility of graduates of medical schools in Saint Lucia to be licenced in Saint Lucia.

According to her, the rumour mill then went into overdrive, with speculations rife about the status of medical schools and their graduates.

“I have had several exchanges with the IAU and I am satisfied that the school is making every effort to secure accreditation, ” Rigobert revealed.

She stated that the IAU has given her every assurance that it is not at this time contemplating relocation.

According to Rigobert the Ministry has been working very closely with the IAU and other stakeholders to resolve the situation.

She expressed confidence that the IAU will rebound from the ‘unwarranted onslaught of misleading and mischievous pronouncements’.

The Minister is adamant that the Ministry is unwavering in its commitment to ensuring high quality tertiary education in Saint Lucia.

In that regard, she observed that the Ministry and other stakeholders are agreed that “we ought to maintain high standards, preserve the reputation of Saint Lucia and guarantee the international comparability of degree programs offered here in Saint Lucia”.



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  1. Bambi
    August 9, 2017 at 11:17 am

    The accreditation is very important for them to have. Until then no gains has been make. The students license is still in Jeopardy.bam