Clergyman decries ‘culture of death’

Clergyman, Peter Fevrier, has spoken out against what he describes as the ‘culture of death’ in the society.

His comments were made in the face of what law enforcement officials have said is a record thirty-three homicides so far for this year.

Fevrier, a Deacon serving at the Family and Life Secretariat of the Roman Catholic, said that violence should not be tolerated or encouraged.

“It affects family life – it is the first real threat to the gift of life, because if our people continuously perpetrate or encourage or practice violence it means that a lot of our people will lose their lives in the process,” he declared.

“We have to take a public stand on the issue of violence – we cannot just remain in a corner and remain silent. We have to come out and publicly denounce it,” Fevrier explained.

He recalled that there was a march recently against violence to help people to understand the need for a change and the way they embrace the ‘culture of death’.

Fevriere noted that the culture of life encourages peace, understanding, negotiation and love, while defending life.

However, he noted that the culture of death encourages violence, brutality and confrontation.

“That is a culture we do not want to adopt in this country,” Fevrier stated.

He expressed the view that such a culture must be spoken against publicly and denounced.

Fevrier also highlighted the need for people to be educated in the way of peace, asserting that the use of guns is unacceptable.





  1. Anonymous
    August 11, 2017 at 5:31 pm

    The clergyman is correct. Murders are becoming too much as a norm in the society because of the frequency in which they are being committed. Public outcry and outrage against these heinous acts should be relentless. The PM has to use his most influential position to be the chief antagonist against this persistent problem. Every citizen and resident MUST get involved. I’m very disillusioned by the government’s frightening silence and lack of initiatives on this worrisome issue. To reiterate one of my main points, we have to disengage in hyper-partisan politics and work collectively to bring some sanity to this meteoric crime problem.


  2. Anonymous
    August 12, 2017 at 4:52 pm

    The church has lost its moral authority to speak on the question of crime when they are the perpetrators of crime on young children to include both sexes and vulnerable people of little means. When those young minds are damaged by people who supposed to be leaders what do you expect. The church needs to find its selves in the communities and organize activities for the young people giving them opportunities which will help guide them into positives endeavors.