CYEN hosts peace talks

GIS:-The Panel Discussion Marks International Youth Day on Aug 12.

In recognition of International Youth Day 2017, the Caribbean Youth Environmental Network (CYEN) held a panel discussion titled Youth Talk Peace.

International Youth Day 2017 will take place on Aug 12. As such, CYEN found it fitting to not only acknowledge the occurrence, but to also link it to a social condition that impacts the youth of Saint Lucia today, that being conflict.

National Coordinator of CYEN Saint Lucia, Snaliah Mahal, explained that the organisation saw the emergence of International Youth Day as an appropriate time to reach out to the Saint Lucian youth.

“We cannot separate issues from what makes the life of youth either good or bad and we must be able to create ways in which to reach our young persons,” she said. “This event that the CYEN has put together is an attempt to reach young persons from all sectors. So we have the NYC present, we have Jade here representing the law fraternity, and we have United and Strong and CYPAN here. We believe that a collaborated effort is needed to speak to the issue of peace in Saint Lucia not only for young persons but for the country as a whole.”

Miss Mahal also commented on the fact that many young people who advocate for peace within society are not often highlighted.

“The positive things that our young people do, those that are advocating peace, they are not being highlighted, and that is one of the major issues that we have. We dwell a lot on the negative and forget that fact that there are positive developments happening in our country among the young persons and the general public.”

Organizations present for the panel discussion included CYEN, the Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network, United and Strong, the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, the National Youth Council, and the Saint Lucia Agriculture Forum for Youth.