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John Mason, AKA Jahman (Gods Man) AKA Bob Marley (his trading name) was born in Soufries and then when his mother Elisabeth Mason moved to Rodney Bay he was raised by his beloved grandparents on their farm above the Pitons in Victoria.

He attended school  but a broken leg that was never set properly gave him a limp all of his life. He left and went to Rodney Bay and from the age of 8 worked on the beach where he learnt to make jewellry and to climb coconut trees for hats and baskets made out of coconut leaves – his baskets and hats are in houses all over the world as they were beautiful works of art.

Getting a boat on the water at Rodney Bay meant Jahman could get to sell his goods on Rodney Bay and then Pidgeon Point- he also provided fruits and vegetables to yachts in the Marina and took tourists on tours by water and walking all over the island.

Jahman was a wonderful generous human being – deeply kind and thoughtful to everybody –

When he lived in the little shack on the bay near the marina he would fetch water for anyone too ill or old to do it for themselves from the pump. He took into his humble home anyone who was homeless or troubled and needed shelter. It was very sad to hear that he had his home forcably taken from him for development without any compensation but was given a plot in Monchy. It was far for him to walk and he struggled but he never complained.

John was a devoted son to his mother who passed last year and loved all his relatives – he sent money home for his grandparents even when he was a very young boy to help repair their property –his aunt and cousins moved to Martinique and he was very proud of his brother Francis.  He attended St Joseph church and was well known by the congregation.

John had several dogs and cats he treated with love and affection.

John had many friends from the Yachting community from all over the world that loved and respected him- it was hard to keep in touch as he did not read or write but whenever they visited the islands they would look for him and find him in his little boat.  We all hope he did not suffer and that he will rest in peace.



  1. Such a lovely Man , His twinkle in his eyes is never to be forgotten. We feel honoured to have met him. Now may the angles look after you,

  2. CassieAugust 17, 2017 at 1:13 am REPLY ↓
    We came to Saint Lucia every year to see Marley!! We brought him all kinds of goods even sheets and mosquito nets!!
    He was our friend! I have never met anyone that was so poor but loved life to the fullest!! He was a great man!! We will miss him terribly!!

  3. Dont know you Marley but from what i read it hurts my heart…R i P.and to his friend who came to look for him every year..Gay the good Lord you all.and thank you

  4. To Marley friends who came down to look for her every year. The last lines in that last Comment before this comment…i mean may the Good lord bless and keep you all..thank you.

  5. There are many of us who were so very sad to hear of John’s passing. In spite of his extremely hard life, he was unfailingly cheerful, polite, positive and as others have said, generously giving to others when he himself had literally almost nothing. He was a good man and Rodney Bay will not be the same without him.

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