Government doing well by RSL employees: Dominic Fedee

The Cabinet of Ministers has approved severance packages and the payment of outstanding NIC contributions for employees of Radio St Lucia (RSL), Information and Broadcasting Minister, Dominic Fedee said.

Speaking at the weekly pre-cabinet press briefing Monday, Fedee pushed back against critics who say that the government is “not doing well by the employees.”

Fedee, a former broadcast journalist, said contrary to reports, the employees have been paid their June and July salaries.

“We’ve even gone further to make sure that, we not only pay the employees within the time specified by law their severance package, but we’ve gone further, that cabinet has already approved the severance package, a week after them receiving their final letters,” Fedee said.

The Allen Chastanet led government has moved to shut down the over 40 year old national radio station saying that RSL has been haemorrhaging money from the government and was being abused politically.

According to Fedee, while RSL will be liquidated, the government plans to re-establish a public broadcasting entity through a merger with the Government Information Service which he says will absorb some current RSL employees.

“That plan, we’re giving that a process of about a year to allow for dialogue to take place, to allow for consultation to deal with the various stakeholders so that we can come out with a broadcasting service, a public broadcasting service that is, that is strong, that is sustainable and that is done well,” Fedee added.

The Information and Broadcasting Minister stated that the merger has been one of the recommendations presented to cabinet by the Board of Directors of Radio St Lucia.

He said a strong and efficient public broadcasting service is important to the development of the country.

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