Venezuela Ambassador: No official word on PM’s visa plan

The Venezuela Ambassador to Saint Lucia, Leiff Escalona, has said that her embassy has received no official information about a reported plan by Saint Lucia to impose visa restrictions on Venezuelans visiting this country.

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet announced on Monday that he had asked immigration officials here to prepare a report for cabinet on the matter.

Chastanet said that barring any ‘impediments’ the restrictions will be imposed.

“We have only received information about the comments of the prime minister visa the issue from online news sites,” the Venezuelan Ambassador told St Lucia Times.

She said based on what was understood from the media reports, it might be an ongoing process between government institutions.

“We don’t have information – we have not received any official information – the details from any authorities or diplomatic channels,” Escalona disclosed.

She told St Lucia Times that as soon as her embassy receives information, it will be submitted to the ‘proper authorities’ in Venezuela.

“Then we would be able to comment,” the Venezuelan diplomat explained.

In announcing the Venezuela visa restriction plan, Prime Minister Chastanet had told reporters  that he remains ‘deeply concerned’ about the security threat to Saint Lucia and the region from the Venezuela situation.

The Saint Lucia prime minister declared that people are short of cash and bringing drugs and arms to sell in Saint Lucia and other Caribbean countries.

However the Venezuela Ambassador said the embassy here is not in receipt of evidence, facts or documentation that could support the claim that there is a big influx of weapons, drugs or people coming from or through Venezuela.

“We don’t have evidence or any official communication on that matter,” Escalona stated.



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  1. Anon1
    August 17, 2017 at 8:31 am

    Buenos Días, Your Excellency, please note that our PM is “not too bright” which you may already be aware.

    No diplomatic etiquette in the slightest.

    Something as serious as invoking VISAs on citizens of a friendly Government of St Lucia and he didn’t have the foresight to liaise with yourself what a crying shame.

    Fear not every time he opens his mouth he is securing his departure as St Lucia’s first “Not too bright PM.”