CSA welcomes news of RSL severance packages

The union representing employees of Radio St Lucia has welcomed news of cabinet-approved severance packages for the workers.

The  Saint Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA) was reacting to revelations made by Information and Broadcasting Minister, Dominic Fedee during a pre-cabinet press briefing on Monday.

However CSA General Secretary, Claude Paul says the union has no details on the proposed packages adding that the Association’s only form of communication with the government has been through the news media.

“Apart from one meeting with the Board, we have not had any updates as to what the situation is. So if we can take the Minister at his word, well therefore it would be a good development that the cabinet has approved severance package for the RSL workers,” he said.

Paul said the CSA was looking forward to dialogue with the Information and broadcasting Minster on the placement of RSL employees.

The Allen-Chastanet government has moved to shut down the over 40 year old state broadcaster saying that it was haemorrhaging money from the government and being abused politically.

While the station remains on the air in a limited capacity Minister Fedee revealed that the government was mulling plans to merge it with the Government Information Service so there can continue to be a public broadcast entity in St Lucia.

Paul said the CSA remained concerned about the situation at RSL as well as the announced plans for the closure of other state-owned entities.

“We hope we would not have a repeat of this situation where we would end up in contention with the government over these matters. We believe that government needs to dialogue honestly and genuinely with the workers and the workers representative on any intention to either privatise or to close down entities,” the CSA General Secretary added.

He said CSA would continue to be vigilant and monitor the situation moving forward.