Gunshot victim recalls night of horror

A woman who sustained a gunshot wound to the leg in an incident Wednesday night where a 41 year old man was killed, has been recounting what happened.

The woman, who requested anonymity, disclosed that she was at her shop in Ravine Poisson when a customer entered to buy food.

According to her, the man stood up by the counter.

“I heard a noise and when I heard the noise I feel my leg got heavy, so I ran – I ran to the back, then I fell and I crawled the rest of the way to the back,” she said.

The woman said that hot oil fell on her.

“After that I heard more shots burst and then there were some children there who were supposed to be waiting for their mom in my shop and when I console myself I went to open the door for them to check on them, they told me they were okay,” she stated.

The woman recalled that at that point, she realised that she had been shot.

She said someone tied the wounded leg with a piece of cloth.

She said her other leg was swollen because she fell in her haste to retreat to the back of her business place.

“I don’t really know what went on because I did not even see anybody – it was just a flash, everything just occurred so quickly,” the shooting victim observed.

“I didn’t see anybody, I didn’t see anything – I did not have time to look and it was a good thing I ran to the back,” she said.

The woman said that at the hospital, nurses gave her an injection for the pain.

“But the Doctor told me they do not remove bullets – it only happens in the movies, so I was wondering ‘What kind of thing is that? ‘ Because a bullet is not part of your body, why should they leave it? Although they told me that I have to make appointment for surgery,” she noted.

The woman lamented that the surgery would be an expense that she would have to incur when she has no insurance coverage.

She said she runs a small business and is self-employed.

“That is an expense on my family and me that I did not make any preparations for,” the shooting victim declared.

She said her business is currently closed.

“I don’t know when I will reopen,” the victim stated.

She made it clear that she is not part of a gang, does not participate in ‘bad behaviour’, but became a victim of circumstances that someone else created.

“I am the one who is paying now and I am in a lot of pain,” the victim asserted.

“I just want to appeal to the people out there who sometimes have their beef and they want to  take it to the wrong places,” she said.

She explained that she has a mother and daughter to take care of.

Forty-one year year old  Vanard resident, Sherwin Auguste also known as “Shervy”, died after being shot multiple times in Wednesday evening’s incident.


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  1. Anonymous
    August 17, 2017 at 4:33 pm

    The thing is that..when the police arrest thoes so call bad boys.the Govement not serious enough with them.they lock them up for a few days.and then they this is what i will blame on the GOvement…lousy. They could have killed. The innocent lady.Shoot