Prime Minister supports housing program

GIS:-Mr Chastanet Lauded Government’s Efforts to Provide Affordable Housing.

Prime Minister Hon Allen M Chastanet has applauded the National Housing Corporation for its latest housing development project in Forestierre.

Speaking at the official ribbon cutting ceremony for the Forestierre Housing Development Project, the prime minister said his administration takes very seriously the provision of affordable housing to citizens. He added, however, that as a result of the equally high demand placed on security and healthcare, a substantial amount of resources had to be reallocated to address issues associated with national security and health.

“[We faced] a situation where we had no coast guard boats working—none of the radars were working, there was no DPP and the DPP’s office was under staffed, the forensic lab was closed, the police do not have enough equipment, and there are police officers who don’t even have the ability to get a bullet proof vest. When we look at the state of our hospitals and what it’s going to take to get them up to scratch, it puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the other ministries.  And I really want to say thanks to Mr Mangal on your Board, and in particular Fresh Start, for stepping up to the plate and not letting that be an excuse why we could not make a good project happen. And so for you to have done this in the most difficult time for my government which is in the beginning, I believe augurs well for housing moving forward.”

The prime minister further pledged his support to Housing Minister Hon Guy Joseph, in his efforts to provide affordable housing to the people of Saint Lucia.

“You have not only my support, but I think I could speak on behalf of all of Cabinet, all of our support that you may have continued God speed in being able to deliver to the people of Saint Lucia the requisite housing they need.”