Caribbean researcher makes strides in biotechnology

GIS:-Dr. Dwayne E. Carter is Helping Rewrite the Rules of Medical Research.

A national of Grenada, Dr. Dwayne E. Carter received his formation in the sciences at the Grenada Boys Secondary School and the TA Marryshow Community College in his hometown of Saint George’s.

Dwayne would later migrate to the United States to further pursue his passion for medicine and his curiosity to better understand and cure diseases that plague the human race. After years of study, Dwayne completed his doctoral training in cell biology at the University of Texas Medical Branch where he primarily focused on acute alcohol induced liver injury.

In 2016, he joined ORGANOVO Holdings Inc. as a post-doctoral researcher in liver tissue bioengineering with a focus on modeling progressive liver diseases. Throughout his graduate training, Dwayne received numerous awards for meritorious research from national scientific meetings and has two publications in peer reviewed journals.

When asked about the advice that he would give to young persons in the sub region that may be interested in an investigative science career, Dwayne said: “This is a long road but the journey is worth it. A tip is to always make goals for yourself and plan strategic ways to achieve those goals. Also be prepared to fight for what you want. Very few things a​re handed to you in this world, so brace yourself for times of adversity because you will inevitably be faced with challenges and the way you deal with them determines your success or failure. At this stage in my life I look forward to the challenges because I’ve learnt that they bring forward my best,” he said.

Dr. Carter delivered a presentation on “Modeling Human Biology, Drug Response and Progressive Liver Disease Using 3D Bioprinted Human Liver Tissue” in La Jolla, California, on Aug 16.