Credit Union presents annual scholarships

The Saint Lucia Workers’ Credit Union (SLWCU) has presented awards to top performers at the Common Entrance Examinations.

The awardees, children of members of the credit union, were presented with scholarships and bursaries.

President of the board of directors of the SLWCU, Peter Lewis, disclosed that this year a total of five awards were presented.

“We had a tie – imagine that, 91.33,” Lewis remarked, adding that all of the children scored in the nineties.

He said the awards represented the credit union’s way of supporting the efforts of its members who happen to be parents.

“You know in these trying times it is a challenge when you have one child going to secondary school and books – you name it. So having recognised the need for such, the need to help develop our members holistically including their children and the development of their children, Saint Lucia Workers’ Credit Union has taken on board this scholarship programme which has seen great success,” Lewis explained.

The SLWCU official disclosed that the credit union also has a summer programme for students.

“These very kids who who you saw awarded today will be part of a programme in the next few days where they will be briefed by former teachers who will encourage them to develop positive study habits in terms of projecting a good self image and what it is they should do to continue to inspire and drive them so that success can be their lifestyle,” Lewis stated.

He said that the  guest speaker at Monday’s awards ceremony, Britney Henry,  was an SLWCU scholarship recipient.