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PRESS RELEASE:-Castries, Saint Lucia, August 22, 2017 – Flow undertook the second edition of its Flow In The Community fault resolution initiative in recent weeks in the west coast community of Soufriere, Fond St Jacques, Etangs, Mocha and environs.

Eight technical teams were deployed in the community, whilst the Church Street retail outlet remained open throughout the course of the day, and a dedicated local line was set up for fault reporting, so as to facilitate access for customers. Communication also went out to the two community radio stations in Soufriere.

According to preliminary data from Flow, the company was able to attend to approximately 96% of the issues reported successfully. There were over 80 calls from Soufriere to the dedicated switchboard, or visits to the retail outlet. Eight customer complaints were resolved on the phone, whilst 69 call-outs were completed.

10 faults were reported in-store for the Choiseul area, which were also attended to successfully. A signal issue was identified in the Fond St Jacques area while attending to one customer. Resolution of this positively affected nearly 40 customers.

Customers visting the Flow retail outlet in Soufriere received immediate technical support
Customers visting the Flow retail outlet in Soufriere received immediate technical support

The level of engagement owed a lot to the use of social media, and traditional media, on the day and in advance of the deployment.

This coming weekend, Flow will be engaging in a similar fault resolution exercise in Vieux Fort and environs. The number to call will be 453-9766.

Flow encourages customers to use the fault resolution process. Call 1-800-804-2994 to report any issues you may have with your Flow service.


  1. Flow needs to be applauded for resolving service issues in the South, I hasten to say for months now we’ve had issues in the Bois d’orange area specifically in Troua. Numerous calls have been made to the company and we continue to hear the same excuse ‘we are aware of the problem’ but not is being done. We continue to loose service on a number of channels eg. 114, 144, 150 to name a few. I would be grateful if the authorities could resolve this situation, because at the end of the month we still have to pay for the inadequate service that we receive.

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