Establishment of St Lucia Tourism Authority in final phase

The transition of the St Lucia Tourist Board to the St Lucia Tourism Authority is nearing the final phase, officials say.

Tourism officials say the Tourism Authority will not function as the Saint Lucia Tourist Board does.

Some of the differences include a digital marketing division; a reduction in the budget for the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival; and the establishment of a call centre to inform and facilitate sales and bookings.

“The goal is to have an institution that is competent, efficient, effective, results driven and most of all fit for purpose,” Agnes Francis, Executive Chairperson of the St Lucia Tourist Board, told a news conference Thursday.

Advertisement have recently appeared in the local media to fill executive positions for the new entity.

Minister in the Ministry of Tourism, Dominic Fedee said the new entity is expected to more aggressively market St Lucia and position the island to potential visitors as having more than sun, sand and sea.

“What I think this allows us to do is to better extract the strength of our heritage, our culture, the vibrancy of our people, the mystic of our destination. I think that what they’re going to present to you is a positioning of the St Lucian brand that will better tell the world that we are more than just a beach destination,” Fedee said.

Officials say an important change that has already been made is that the annual marketing meeting normally held in November in Miami has been moved to St Lucia in order to gain input from local stakeholders.

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  1. Anonymous
    August 25, 2017 at 8:45 am

    This government seems intent on investing the entire budget to tourism related activities. Most of the monies made in Tourism is pocketed by the big foreign investors who repatriate it to their native countries. Only a miniscule amount trickles down to ordinary citizens yet we invest so heavily in this fickle industry. We should be investing seriously in agriculture and agro-processing with the intention of becoming self sufficient in food security. We should be investing heavily in education to build the necessary skill set needed for gainful employment. We should be investing seriously in national security to protect our people from being harmed and victimized by bandits. Finally, we should encourage and invest in local entrepreneurship as small business is the engine of the economy. This ‘All-In’ attitude and policy by the PM and his Cabinet in Tourism would only serve to liquidate the future of the people.